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Premium Black Shoe Polish | Black Boot Polish | 55 gm

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  1. Black Shoe Polish For Color Restoration: Polaris Black shoe polish is designed to restore the color of black leather shoes that have become faded or scuffed over time.

  2. Black Wax Shoe Polish For Leather conditioning: Polaris Wax Shoe polish contains oils and waxes that help to moisturize and condition the leather, keeping it supple and preventing cracking.

  3. Black Boot Polish For Water resistance: When applied correctly, Polaris Boot shoe polish can help to repel water and prevent damage from moisture.

  4. Improved Shoe appearance: Polaris boot polish can give shoes a shiny, polished look that can improve their overall appearance and make them look newer.

  5. Leather Protection from wear and tear: Regular use of shoe polish can help to protect shoes from the wear and tear of daily use, extending their lifespan.

  6. Versatility: Black boot polish can be used on a variety of leather goods, including boots, dress shoes, and even leather jackets and handbags.